Chester City Planning Commission Meeting

Chester City Planning Commission
5pm, Wed July 9th, 2014
City Hall (2nd Floor)
at Avenue of the States, between 2nd St & 4th St
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Tell them to VOTE NO on Covanta’s application

This rail project would lock in a 20-30 year supply of trash from New York City to be burned in the nation’s largest trash incinerator, right here in Chester.


The nation’s largest trash incinerator is the one in Chester, PA, at Front and Highland.

New York City signed a 700-page contract last summer that steers 20-30 more years of trash — with 500,000 tons/year — to Covanta’s incinerator in Chester, and the same amount to another incinerator of theirs in Niagara Falls, NY.

This project involves building a rail spur from the railroad that runs by the plant, into the plant. The rail project in Niagara Falls is being fought by local activists, and they’re trying to stop the financing of the rail line. The rail project there was approved to be six times larger than Covanta even needs, meaning that they could become a waste transfer magnet for their region.

Will the same happen in Chester?

Niagara Falls activists recently informed us of an article in their local paper that reveals that “lawmakers in Delaware County, Pa., which is also to receive Big Apple garbage for incineration at a Covanta facility, already have given the go-ahead for the tax-exempt bonds.”

How is it that Delaware County and Chester City officials are giving approvals to Covanta without the public’s awareness and involvement?? Chester City gave approval late last year for a water treatment plant at Covanta’s incinerator that would enable them to use the toxic effluent from the DELCORA sewage treatment plant next door as cooling water.

We need some active community watchdogs if we’re going to stop Chester from being the dumping ground for Delaware County, Philadelphia, New York City and New Jersey.

Who has time to volunteer? We need you…

Print this flyer and hand it to every Chester resident you see by July 9th.

And please come to the Planning Commission meeting, Wednesday, July 9th at 5pm.

Information on Incineration

Trash Incineration (printable fact sheet)

Dirtier than coal

Trash incineration releases:

  • 28 times as much dioxin than coal per unit of energy produced,
  • twice as much carbon monoxide,
  • 2.5 times as much carbon dioxide (CO2),
  • three times as much nitrogen oxides (NOx),
  • 6-14 times as much mercury,
  • nearly six times as much lead, and
  • 70% more sulfur dioxides.

This pollution contributes to many health problems, including asthma, cancers, learning disabilities, reproductive disorders and more.

Trash incineration is the most expensive and polluting way to manage waste or to produce energy.