Who is the Campus Coalition Concerning Chester?

The Campus Coalition Concerning Chester (C-4) is a network of student and community members, informed by Chester Residents Concerned for Quality Living (CRCQL), in support of Chester residents, dedicated to bringing about environmental, economic, political, and racial justice in the City of Chester, Pennsylvania.

The C-4 coalition came out of the College Weekend Retreat on Environmental Justice which took place from Feb. 23rd-25th, 1996 at Swarthmore College and in Chester, PA. The conference attracted about 50 students from 14 different campuses from around Pennsylvania and the Mid-Atlantic region.

After touring Chester, meeting with community residents, hanging out with Zulene Mayfield (lead organizer for Chester Residents Concerned with Quality Living) those who attended sat down and strategized about how campuses can be involved and how we can develop a campaign to explode the issues in Chester to the statewide level.

To those who came: You Rock!! The energy, enthusiasm, and focus that you are bringing to this campaign will cause the general public, the politicians, and the corporations involved in Chester not only take notice, but act to protect the citizens of Chester.

To those who didn’t make it to Swarthmore, you missed an incredible weekend, but never fear, you still have a chance to become involved in this region-wide campaign.

To find out how you can get involved, contact us.