Covanta’s Waste Contracts

[Click on the city/county name for a copy of the contract.]

Philadelphia, PA

Delaware County, PA

  • Runs from 5/1/2017 through 4/30/2022
  • “Put or pay” clause guarantees that the county burn 300,000 tons/year or pay anyway. Between 2015-2019, Delaware County sent an average of 357,246 tons of waste per year to Covanta. If the county were to reduce its waste by any more than 16%, the county would be financially penalized under the current contract.

New York City

  • 20-30 year contract, signed in 2013, for 800,000 tons/year of Manhattan, New York City trash by train from the East 91st Street Marine Transfer Station to two Covanta incinerators, Covanta Niagara and Covanta Delaware Valley.

Ocean City, MD

  • Current Covanta contract runs from 6/17/2012 through 12/31/2021, burning Ocean City’s trash and recycling (they don’t recycle). See the 2012 contract and 2015 amendment.
  • 2022-2026 contract, approved illegally on 8/2/2021 in a 7-0 vote of Ocean City Council, pretending that it’s a contract “extension” and bypassing the Town Code’s requirement for competitive bidding. The contract would continue the burning of Ocean City’s recyclables and trash for a term of two years plus three 1-year renewal options, at a cost of $88/ton in 2022 going up to $97.14/ton in 2026.